When you have a spouse whose job has you moving every few years, you often find yourself missing old friends and a bit nervous to meet/make new ones... It is always exciting, though. You never know who you will meet and "click with" in a way that feels easy and natural. Well, insert THIS adorable family. To say I "like" this family would be a ridiculous understatement. I loooove them. They speak my language--Dry humor, sarcastic, annnnnd a little inappropriate, while still managing to be incredibly kind and welcoming to everyone they meet. They are just fabulous. Wait! Did I mention how close they are as a little family unit?! I haven't??? L ... Read the Post
Happy New Year, my friends!!! Can you believe it is almost 2015?! What are your resolutions? I only have one: To be as present as I possibly can as we go into our last year living in Madrid... I know this last year will go by far too quickly and it breaks my heart! I remember Christmas break 1995, January 1. I was 10. My mother was writing a check to buy me my DREAM sweatshirt... Let's just say it was 90s to the core and covered in horses... We'll leave it at that. Back to the check writing--PK (Mom) wrote the date in as 1994, rather than the new 1995. She and the shopkeeper chatted for a minute about how it just didn't seem possible it was ... Read the Post
These two... I was contacted about six months ago by Heather (she's got a great name, doesn't she?!) asking about booking a connection session to take place right after their ten year vow renewal. I kind of flipped... In photographic endeavors, there is nothing I adore more than documenting couples who are crazy in love, who share that deep connection which only true lovers can share. These two have that beautiful connection, made even more special by the fact that they have lived all over the world together, have some pretty precious children, and still look at each other like nothing else in the universe exists... These two...   ... Read the Post