It's kind of impossible for me to tell you just how much I love this first image. It just speaks of all the wonderfulness that is family. The smiles, the beautiful chaos, the ecstatic moments of childhood, and the closeness and love that makes family so special. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE posed smiling images, but THIS is what makes my heart sing... These moments are what will be missed and reminisced about for years to come... Laughed about and shared... I just love it. Annnnnnd I love this family! I had a blast playing with these kiddos and spending time with their Momma and Dad!   Read the Post
One of my favorite types of sessions is the classic "Business Headshot." However... The way I like to approach these sessions is nothing but classic! Photographing the lovely Mary Clare Bland of the fabulous website, The Flying Carpet Blog (and the genius behind customizing MY website!), was amazing! When we chatted about the shoot, she loved the idea of having the session deviate from the super traditional headshot feel, and I was elated! When putting together a session like this, I like to consider the personality of my client and their interests... Mary Clare has traveled the world several times over and has excellent taste and business s ... Read the Post