Oh, Paris... Such heartbreaking news. It's unimaginable such darkness is touching the city of love and light... Sending love and prayers of courage and hope to the courageous people of Paris and remembering beautiful moments spent on her streets.   Read the Post
This lady... Such an inspiring woman! Her passion in life is helping others find their purpose, build a business around their passion, and share their story with the world. How cool is that?! She's not content to merely build her own successful business, she wants to help you build yours! Without a doubt, she is one of the most driven and bright people I have had the pleasure of working with. If you are an entrepreneur, I would highly recommend you CONTACT HER!!!   When Kay first contacted me about photographing a Lifestyle Session for her business, she told me how one of her favorite things about her business is that she loves having ... Read the Post
So many things are great about my job, but hands down, the best part is getting to meet and spend time with families from all over who might be in Spain for only a little bit and want to document some of their special time in Madrid. I love that this beautiful city and their time here is important to them... I love that these families are adventurous and tend to be incredibly close--I think you have to be, if you are willing to come across the ocean and live in a totally new country away from family and friends! There is something so special about photographing families like this--Their closeness is tangible... Their smiles are so authentic.. ... Read the Post