"...I am overwhelmed by all the ways I love you... ...all the places where my heart melds with yours... ...all the excuses I use to say your name in the company of others... ...all the times my mind wanders to the comfort of your arms... ...all the ways in which you make me smile... ...I am overwhelmed..." These two are just so beautiful together. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness as they adventure side-by-side. Read the Post
This stunning family and I had a tricky go of it the first time we tried to photograph our session... There was a HUGE bicycle race zooming right through the neighborhood we had wanted to shoot in and we had to cancel! It was a let down, to say the least! Luckily, the next time we met, there were no bikes and the gods of sunset decided to paint the sky with some magical light. It was just one of those sessions where everything felt right... Their styling was spot on for the location (all credit goes to this GORGEOUS Mama!)... The energy of the neighborhood matched their vibrant and glowing personalities... So. Much. Goodness. Read the Post
  So... You know how sometimes you have such a great time that when you recount it to a third party, the sheer amount of words you need to speak is overwhelming? That's me right now! I'll just keep things simple: One of my very dearest friends came to visit me in Spain and being of sound mind and body, we took ourselves straight up to Barcelona! To put it mildly... We. Had. A. Blast. We packed fancy, pretty things to wear as we wandered around the town... Drank cocktails on the train... Laughed more than should be allowed... Stayed at a lovely flat in a perfect location... Marveled at Gaudi's work... Ate delicious treats... Said all th ... Read the Post