This family with has got to be one of the cutest in the world! Not only are Mom and Dad as lovely as can be, their girls have the kind of sweet bond and gorgeous dispositions I'm positive every parent hopes for their children... They were so sweet to watch as they played together--They always made sure each one was having a great time, laughed together while they played, and they were an absolute joy to be around--SO expressive and hilarious! I had a total blast getting to know each of their adorable personalities! As always... I am amazed I get to spend time with such wonderful people for. my. job. I'm one lucky lady to have such stu ... Read the Post
This love story... It's just the cutest! Sarah and Dax had been in each other's lives for a while...Sarah was (and still is) best friends with Dax's sister, Giordi. Sarah had been known to say Dax had the most gorgeous eyes... Dax had always thought Sarah was stunning and one day mentioned to his sister how he "...could have a crush on Sarah..." Well... Being the amazing sister/friend she was/is, Giordi wasted no time in calling Sarah and telling her she and Dax needed to get married! Annnnnnnnd, it worked! The rest (as they say) is the happiest kind of history... And I'm not just saying that! These two have the kind of love people dream of f ... Read the Post
Let's discuss Miss Victoria's beautiful Mama first... Not only is she smart and lovely, but she is another creative soul who had a vision for her sweet baby's birthday photo session. She scoured the city to find props that were as adorable as could be... She looked high and low for just-the-right shades of pink, and she put together one precious little set! It was a beautiful day to photograph this beautiful girly. Miss Victoria has got to be one of the prettiest babies in the world and you can tell how sweet she is to her family by the fact that she has her two big brothers, loving Daddy, and gorgeous Mama allllllll wrapped around her littl ... Read the Post