I’ve been excited lately by how many conversations I’ve had with creative friends about living an inspired life… I wanted to share my favorite tip for staying inspired and creative, in case you might be as excited about these types of topics as I am, and could use a little creativity kick-start for your week! Be sure to look out for more of this series in the future and LIKE my Facebook page  to see links to blog posts, if these types of topics are you jam!




Dear Friend… Dear Creative Soul…

How are you feeling today? Stressed? At peace? Searching? All of the above in the space of ten minutes??? I feel ya. So many times my heart and head are filled with more ideas than my body can contain and I MUST get them out–express them in some creative form–before I burst! Other times, the well feels dry… I search, but have a hard time finding that drop of inspiration I need to feel committed to charging ahead into a new project. I hate those times. To me, feeling creatively inspired is LIFE! I love that spark! Yet, occasionally, it’s hard to find.

When this happens, I immediately take to my ‘creativity journal’. Do you have one?

If you don’t, you should! Not trying to be bossy, but… It’s the best! I try to write in it at least once a week and when I’m feeling exhausted of creativity, I write in it constantly.

What to write??? Everything. Buuuut, let’s start with my favorite exercise! Grid2

Make a list. A list of what inspires and speaks to you… Boring, right? Nope! EYE-OPENING! List everything that inspires you! Whether it is the cover design on a vintage book, dewdrops in the sun, the color palette found on in your friend’s home, listening to others describe their passions, the way a certain restaurant plates your food, a mother holding her baby close to her heart…

Then go deeper. Create a sub-category under each list item… What specifically about it speaks to you? Take me simply writing the word “light”–When I started creating a more detailed list under this magical word, I realized it was the glow in natural light that spoke to me–The way it falls through a tall window in a dark room, or the way it creates a halo on my subject’s hair when the sun sets, or shines through a petal… The way lens flare adds a touch of magic… The way a cloudy day offers airy and diffused light…

Even though I have long known I was inspired by contrasted/spilled light, lens flare, or even soft, airy light–it was committing those words to ink and paper that have fortified the fact that this is a trademark of my work–The cornerstone from which my creativity will spring in each. and. every. session. I. photograph. To put it in practical terms: I now know how to search for the light that inspires me, no matter what the conditions of the day, because I have broken it down into dozens of little categories!

So–I encourage you to keep writing, keep listing, keep searching… It will help you know how your muse whispers in your ear. It has definitely opened my eyes in more ways than I can tell you and it is something I encourage you to try!

How about you? What do you do when you need to find/refine your spark???




Learning to pay attention to what inspires is a good and helpful reminder, Heather. Yes, keep writing, keep list-en-ing, keep asking the questions and the answers will come. Know who you are and what it means.

I love this post, but I’m even more in love with the photos.
By the way, you should put them on your Etsy shop, I want to frame the endless tall trees photo ( I’m feeling a good feng shui fvibe in this picture).

Beautifully written, Darling! YOU are an inspiration…always!