2015-01-01 06.50.37

When you have a spouse whose job has you moving every few years, you often find yourself missing old friends and a bit nervous to meet/make new ones… It is always exciting, though. You never know who you will meet and “click with” in a way that feels easy and natural. Well, insert THIS adorable family. To say I “like” this family would be a ridiculous understatement. I loooove them. They speak my language–Dry humor, sarcastic, annnnnd a little inappropriate, while still managing to be incredibly kind and welcoming to everyone they meet. They are just fabulous.

Wait! Did I mention how close they are as a little family unit?! I haven’t??? Let me rectify (weird word) that! They have lived all over the world, raised two AMAZING kids in exotic locales like South Korea and Alabama, and they all still really, really like each other! It’s kind of adorable and I feel absolutely blessed to know them…

I met them in beautiful Retiro Park on a chilly December morning… The session was relaxed, full of laughs, and so much fun!


What an absolutely lovely family and family session. Love the smiles on them all.

Aren’t they SO cute?! You’d love them, Jama! They are so much fun!