Many photographers will tell you they prefer to be behind the camera, instead of in front of it… Kendra is one such photographer… Though incredibly talented behind the lens (check out her beautiful work here), I think we can all agree that she should be in front of it a bit more!

Not only is Kendra a photographer whose work I admire, she has been a dear friend for years (we met our first day of college!) and it truly was an honor to have her trust me to capture her gorgeousness for some upcoming projects she has rolling out soon (so, be sure to check back at her website for more on that!).  Kendra wanted to capture some “headshots” but in no way did she want them to be the classic arms-crossed-over-a-double-breasted-suit-in-front-of-a-mottled-grey-backdrop kind of headshot… So, when I was in the States a few weeks ago, she drove up to Washington from Oregon and we ventured out to my favorite hiking spot as a kid–Along the beautiful Icicle River in Leavenworth. Talk about a fun, dynamic session! It was such a blast collaborating with this talented lady and because she is accustomed to giving direction to her clients, I barely had to pose her at all! She knew what I was going to say before I said it! She’s as effortless and natural as the subject of a photo as she is when she is the one taking the photo… Just look at how crazy stunning she is when the camera is pointed in her direction! 



Very nice style

Thank you so much, Ann-Marie!

Wow, she is stunning….and so is this location. I’d love to have my own headshots done like that.

We need to get together sometime and do a headshot trade!!! How fun would that be?!

Oh my! Heather & Kendra….these shots are absolutely beautiful! Breathtaking location. The depth of each shot is crazy. Kendra, your hair and makeup are perfect and completely natural. Beautiful and such casual looking headshots. Heady, gorgeous work.