l and j kiss

These two… Where to start?! Shall I go back over a decade to when I first met Libby? I think that is a good place to begin… We met our first week at university. She was (and still is) vivacious, big-hearted, charismatic, with the perfect amount of fabulous/wonderful crazy. I liked her instantly. Jeremy was two years ahead of us in school–Equally as charismatic, fun-loving, sincere, and a total prankster… These two attended school together, but it wasn’t until after Jeremy had moved on to law school that they really connected and got to know each other… Annnnnnd happened to fall in love!!! Watching their story unfold has been pretty darn fun! They adore each other and both have a beautiful desire to live lives full of love and commitment to community… I couldn’t be more excited to see where their journey takes them, because I just know it will be spectacular!