One of my favorite types of sessions is the classic “Business Headshot.” However… The way I like to approach these sessions is nothing but classic! Photographing the lovely Mary Clare Bland of the fabulous website, The Flying Carpet Blog (and the genius behind customizing MY website!), was amazing! When we chatted about the shoot, she loved the idea of having the session deviate from the super traditional headshot feel, and I was elated!

When putting together a session like this, I like to consider the personality of my client and their interests… Mary Clare has traveled the world several times over and has excellent taste and business savvy. Her personality is effervescent and bright and she approaches the world with an open heart… So, it made sense to have beautiful lighting play a significant role in her photos… Golden sunset light to bounce off her hair, ambient light that made her glow, and even headlights created a beautiful aura around this shoot and was the perfect way to highlight her loveliness!



Wow, these are stunning! I love these head-shots…they are so much more.

Thank you, Jama! It’s fun getting to think outside the box with clients, isn’t it?!

Lovely light and photos as usual, more editorial, definitely so much nicer than traditional headshots. x

Thank you so much, Fiona!!