2015-01-31 06.17.49

It’s often said that birth is the most beautiful and natural thing in the world… Turns out truer words have never been spoken… I still cannot believe I was privileged enough to capture someone’s first breath… Their first moments here in this crazy world… It was unparalleled. Little Miss Elsa came into this world not long ago and I was lucky enough to be there to capture it all… My eyes were full of tears the entire  time!

2015-01-31 06.37.54

With birth stories, photographers tend to arrive when the Mother is dialated to 7cm. This usually provides more than enough time to snap some photos of the labor and birth… Well, not in this case! Miss Elsa was determined to come out as quickly as she could and by the time I got there, Mama had just started pushing! Within just a few minutes, Elsa made her appearance! Mama was so incredible–Centered, strong, and calm. This home birth was perfect in so many ways… Surrounded by an amazing team of midwives, one proud Father, the excited Grandma (who had flown in from the States), a strong doula, and the other excited children peaking in periodically to make sure everything was ok, this birth was truly a beautiful story from start to finish…

Welcome to the world, Miss Elsa Jo… You are perfection and already so loved…





So gorgeous! Jami was amazing. What a wonderful, beautiful way to start life.

Absolutely beautiful! Makes me think of when I delivered my little girl

They are beautiful! I seriously teared a little bit remembering those precious moments when my babies arrived to make my world a much better place to live. They will treasure these captured memories for ever, amazing job.

Really lovely photos! What an amazing gift you’re giving little Elsa. For her entire life she will love looking at these photos of her first moments of life.

Beautiful photos, Heather! I especially love #15.

Thanks so much, Janelle! it was such an amazing experience!

Amazing for sure.

It really way, Ina!

Thank you so much Heather. You captured things beautifully!