DSC_2888When Sara got in touch with me looking for a fitness photographer, I was immediately excited… You see, Sara is a Pilates and Barre instructor who teaches classes in Madrid, and she is as fun and adventurous as they come.

I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous fitness photography, and most is shot in studios, with lots of contrast, and artificial lighting… I’m not knocking it! It looks good–But I was curious to see if Sara was game to do something a little more unique… And she was!

Instead of meeting in my studio, we met in the oldest part of the city. We highlighted her beautiful Pilates poses with the gorgeous architecture of Madrid and used the busy-ness of the world around to emphasize how there is a centeredness which comes from taking care of yourself through exercise no matter when or where.

If you live in Madrid–Be on the lookout on Facebook for information regarding her Pilates and Barre classes at El Horno!



What a cute and fun session. I wish I had her moves! Beautiful images.

I wish I did too, Jama! She’s pretty amazing!