This love story… It’s just the cutest! Sarah and Dax had been in each other’s lives for a while…Sarah was (and still is) best friends with Dax’s sister, Giordi. Sarah had been known to say Dax had the most gorgeous eyes… Dax had always thought Sarah was stunning and one day mentioned to his sister how he “…could have a crush on Sarah…” Well… Being the amazing sister/friend she was/is, Giordi wasted no time in calling Sarah and telling her she and Dax needed to get married! Annnnnnnnd, it worked! The rest (as they say) is the happiest kind of history… And I’m not just saying that! These two have the kind of love people dream of finding. They both light up when they look at each other and it is ridiculously adorable to get to see and even better to get to photograph!

These lovebirds married in the States, but decided to fly me out to Milan to capture some moments from their European honeymoon and I couldn’t have been more honored or excited! They were the best of sports and even were willing to get up before dawn so we could snag some amazingness in front of the world famous Duomo Cathedral! It. Was. Magic. Milan’s light at sunrise is pink and luminescent… We also shot at sunset when the city was awash in a golden glow… Honeymoon Sessions might just be my new favorite and something I would HIGHLY recommend to all newlyweds… You are in a gorgeous location, all the pressure from the wedding is off, and you are spending time with the love of your life! Toss out the selfie-stick and bring along a photographer to capture some special images from one of the most magical trips of your life!

I truly couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful session, nor could I dream up a more gorgeous couple, whose love shines through in EVERY SINGLE IMAGE!!!

Congratulations, Sarah and Dax… May you have countless adventures together, endless giggles, and millions of kisses…



Wow!! Just stunning!

Thank you SO much, Jama!!!

Thanks for the trip. Beautiful

Thank you, Justine! Aren’t they adorable?!


Thank you, Gail!

absolutly beautiful! People and all!