DSC_7198One of my favorite things about family is that it isn’t necessarily made up of biological ties–it’s composed of love, compassion, and connection. This beautiful family is a truly special testament to this fact. They are a strong and loving unit, and while they don’t always get to spend as much time together as they would like, when they do, they cherish it… They make the most of every moment they have together and it’s just about the loveliest thing you can ever see! The amount of laughter, hugs, and joy will put a smile on your face every time you are around them! They are yet another family about to move on from this beautiful country and while I am soooooooo sad to see them go, I am beyond excited that this move will place them all nearer to each other geographically and will offer new and exciting opportunities for them all down the road. I’ll be sending this beautiful family off with just about as much love as I possess!!!


Wow! I love them!!