I’m one of those lucky people with bunches of siblings who all have amazing kids… One of my nieces happens to be graduating high school in just a few months and I was fortunate enough to be home to take her senior portraits! I have to admit, this session was SO much fun, but also super emotional… When we left the States to move to Spain, my youngest niece was a girl… I came home after not having set foot in the US for over two years and burst into tears when I saw her… My sweet baby niece has turned into a stunning, contemplative, smart, hilarious, and clever young woman. It’s so beautiful, but hard for her Auntie (who missed a big chunk of the transition) to comprehend! She is spectacular in so many ways. Getting to capture these shots of this gorgeous lady was so incredibly special to me and is a memory I will always cherish…

Your (totally embarrassing and ridiculous) Auntie loves you, Trini!!!


She is beautiful! How exciting that you were home to capture this special time in her life. Y’all rocked her senior session!

Thank you, Jama! I happen to think she is beautiful too, but I might be a biased Auntie! It was sooooo special!

How do you make everyone so happy!! Lovely!