So much in love, they hit the open road… Just the two of them, in their wedding attire, and bringing along enough magic to make a little spot to snuggle into for the evening, beside their beloved 1971 El Dorado… This elopement inspiration is for the free-spirited and stylish… For the dreamers who love to throw caution to the wind and have adventurous spirits!


With the awfulness of Covid hitting the wedding industry so hard, I kept thinking about how couples might start seeking out elopements more and more… Along those lines, I kept envisioning this gorgeous couple, hitting the road in their classic car, to run away for their wedding… Along the way, they create a perfect little world all their own! I wanted to create some elopement inspiration for couples who have a unique vibe, rad connection, and killer style…

Finally, I simply couldn’t ignore this idea anymore! So, I got in touch with some of my favorite local Monterey Bay wedding vendors and shared my concept… Luckily, they were as into it as I was!!! We knew it needed to feel like something that was both very 1970’s, but with a totally modern edge to it… A little boho, a little glam… For those creative souls who march to the beat of their own drum, while still drawing inspiration from the greats like Hendrix, Stevie, and a bit of Lenny…


The super exciting part… We’ve been featured on Green Wedding Shoes, so if you want to see the whole session, please be sure to check out it out HERE! There are many more images and a whole separate vignette as well! Please go have a peek!

San Francisco Elopement Photographer
San Francisco Elopement Photographer
San Francisco PhotographerSan Francisco Photographer


Our Models

I immediately knew Alondra and Jordan would be the perfect couple to capture… They have a beautiful connection and their love is so evident in all they do… I had met and wanted to photograph Alondra months before, but our plans had paused due to Covid, so it was exciting to reach out and get to capture these stunning humans! Alondra often models, and I cannot wait to work with her again! Loved that this was their first time modeling together and they knocked it out of the park!!!

Gorgeous Florals

Reaching out to Cassia Fôret for floral work was a no-brainer! Her work is impeccable and some of the most creative and gorgeous I have ever seen. I knew I could send her a couple of inspiration images and she would immediately understand the vision and be able to bring it to life, and goodness did she! The stunning cascade of coral reds she created in two different vignettes was breathtaking and such a vision to capture… If you are in need of any sort of floral work, Marysu of Cassia Fôret is always at the top of my recommendation list!

Rad Rentals

When it came to accessories, I knew Forage Vintage Rental would have all the right pieces to enhance the session. Her vast array of killer props and rentals is truly unparalleled, and she has a perfect fit for any mood, genre, or style. If you are ever looking to rent some gorgeous pieces for your wedding, Michelle is the person to contact!!!

Killer Car

Our totally killer vintage car was provided by Monterey Touring Vehicles! They have THE most amazing fleet of vintage rentals that I always send my clients to for a rad getaway car after their wedding. Or, just a fun ride to rent when enjoying the Monterey Bay! Their cars are varied and range in years, makes, and models… Therefore, it doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, they will have the car for you!

Gorgeous Dress

The gorgeous gown from our beautiful model wore was provided by Hera Bridal. Not only do they carry lines that are exclusive to the Monterey Bay, they provide the most magical experience for all their brides! The walls are literally painted with glitter! If you ever want to have a dream experience when picking out your wedding dress, make sure you visit April at Hera Bridal before anywhere else!


Our beautiful model was made even more gorgeous thanks to the flawless work of Andrea Rodriguez and her skilled hand. She used her talent to draw out Alondra’s natural beauty and give it a little bit of a rocker edge! Her perfect application held up during the whole session, and I know would last beautifully throughout a wedding day!

Also! More Styled Elopement Inspiration Shoots Coming!

If you’re a photographer or vendor and want to participate in our next styled shoot, feel free to message me! We have a lot more coming up this year and would love to have you participate!


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