Heather's warm and friendly demeanor created a relaxed atmosphere, allowing us to be ourselves and truly enjoy the experience. She effortlessly guided us through poses and captured genuine emotions, resulting in photographs that felt authentic and true to who we are as a couple. The final product delivered by the photographer was nothing short of extraordinary. The images she captured were not just photographs; they were pieces of art that told our unique love story. Each picture was infused with a sense of magic and romance, transporting us back to that special day every time we look at them. The attention to detail in editing and post-production was evident, as the colors, lighting, and overall aesthetic were simply stunning. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone seeking a truly magical and fairytale-like experience. If you're looking for a photographer who can capture the essence of your love story in the most enchanting way possible, look no further!

selina & ben

Heather is the best photographer you will find. Everyone who sees our photos says they should be in magazines. My wife and I were at ease through the whole planning process, but words can’t describe how much care we felt from Heather during our elopement. Heather is insanely talented, but most importantly, she’s FUN! We were hesitant about spending all those hours having photos taken of us, but we had a blast with her and didn’t want it to end. I will forever cherish the gift Heather gave us with her presence and beautiful photos on that day.

Wendy and Deepti

From the bottom of my heart, I don't think I'll ever find someone like Heather. *literally getting emotional writing this* Heather is such a genuine sweet soul that made our elopement process so easy. We found her on Instagram and she was the first photographer who we talked to and fell completely in love. What made her stand out, apart from her beautiful pictures, was that she made us feel like she wanted what was best for us and that carried through the whole time working with her. We feel so fortunate to have found someone who you can tell thoroughly enjoys what she does. I was sold on the fact that every photo I saw of hers, it really sparked an emotion, so it's only fitting that seeing my own photos, I'm bawling my eyes out because it takes me back to that moment. 

Daisy and Alvaro

I could not recommend Heather enough. She was so comfortable to be around and made sure of that with our zoom call before scheduling. She kept me updated throughout the whole process and gave us fantastic vendor recommendations. And on our special day she guided us through and made it effortless for us. And even when the light and timing were against us she made our desires a priority. And I could not be more ecstatic about how our photos came out. 11/10 best experience ever. And she is also just an incredibly sweet human being.

Jade and Josh

"Thank you!!!
Every image is more beautiful than the last!!!"

My words can’t begin to describe how amazing it was working with Heather. Her talent is phenomenal and what’s more–She was amazing at capturing so many pieces of our love and life together and at making my fiance and I both feel comfortable. Thank you, Heather for your beautiful work, genuine heart, and kind spirit. We’re so thankful for you!

"Somehow you made every photo of us look straight out of a magazine!"

- Kaylan & Blair

"Girl, you went off with these photos!"

-Elenita and Caitlin

"You made us feel like we were part of a fairytale."

Shelby and Adam


“You made us look fu@%!ng AMAZING, HEATHER!!!”

Sawyor and Charlie

"Are you freaking kidding us?!?? How did you make every shot like a fairytale?!???"

Celina and Chris

Let's vibe

Getting to know the person who will be capturing your wedding day is vital! No matter who you wind up working with, make sure they feel like a friend, because being comfortable ensures you can create magic together.

This is why I require a Zoom interview to make sure we vibe.

Photography is a symbiotic relationship, I am giving you a piece of my creativity in exchange for your trust and willingness to be vulnerable in front of my lens.

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