Santa Cruz Elopement Photographer

When I first chatted with Val, I could tell right away that she has one of the biggest and deepest hearts out there… I instantly felt her love for Amir and her girls in just the first few minutes of our chat. She is someone who loves large and deep… And Amir’s love for her echoes this same vibe. Their wedding day needed to be as unique as their story, so we actually got to hold it in two locations! Big Sur and the redwoods of Nisene Marks! It was such a magical day and I loved getting to capture their story! They incorporated Val’s daughters so perfectly… One even was their officiant! Talk about a special thing to have her pronounce them married!!!

How To Make Your Elopement Unique

Just like Val and Amir, you can always have someone you love be your officiant! You can also use this rad officiant here, who unlike most, will get to know the two of you, rather than having you choose between a few pre-written scripts. Having your liturgy fully customized to your relationship makes the entire day, from head to toe feel extra special and unique!


Santa Cruz Elopement Photographer


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